DIY Solar Panels For Homes

DIY Solar Panels For HomesWhy DIY Solar Panels?  One of the biggest reasons to start using solar panels is control over your own energy.  The ability to generate your own energy can be one of the most freeing things you can do as a homeowner.  How Do Solar Panels Work?Solar panels collect radiation from the sun and Read more about DIY Solar Panels For Homes[…]


7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car

  There are seven ways that you can charge your electric vehicle, but they boil down to three main categories: home installation, public installation, and solar charging.  You can also use multiple methods to charge your electric vehicle, even within the same charging cycle.   Where To Charge an Electric Car There are options for Read more about 7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car[…]


Solar Powered Car Generation for DIY EV Conversion

  Can I use solar panels on my electric vehicle to generate power when I drive or park?  This is a question that I asked myself years ago and I was asked about this again recently.  The short answer is, yes.  The real underlying question is how much power can be generated using solar panels Read more about Solar Powered Car Generation for DIY EV Conversion[…]