11 EV Conversion Goals to Set Before You Make Your Own Car

Goals To Determine Before Your EV Conversion Some goals need to be defined before starting your diy electric car or ev car conversion shop.  Each goal in the list is directly related to the goal set before.  Goal number 1 is the most important goal for the overall electric conversion and so on to number Read more about 11 EV Conversion Goals to Set Before You Make Your Own Car[…]

Electric vehicle battery selection deep cycle

Deep Cycle Battery Types for Electric Vehicles

Deep Cycle Battery Selection Confusion Selecting the correct battery for your electric vehicle conversion can be a confusing process.  There are two types of battery categories to select from lead-acid batteries or lithium-based batteries.  This post focused on lead-acid batteries, and in particular, deep cycle batteries. The first thing about deep cycle batteries is that Read more about Deep Cycle Battery Types for Electric Vehicles[…]

Blog purpose

What is the purpose of the EV Innovate Blog The purpose of this blog is to be a free resource for people looking into electric car conversions.  The EV innovate blog and website have been created as a resource for electrical vehicle conversions in one convenient location.  Review electric car components and provide insight on EV technology innovations. Read more about Blog purpose[…]