Electric Semi Truck Overview

Electric Semi Truck Overview Digging into Electric Semi Truck Specifications   There is a charge in the air, in particular with regards to the trucking industry.  There has been a tremendous amount of interest in electric semi trucks to replace the diesel versions.  There are newcomers and veteran companies starting to battle for the top Read more about Electric Semi Truck Overview[…]


11 Uncommon Automotive Tools Required for an EV Conversion

      I have put together a short list of tools that are required for an electric vehicle conversion.  These tools are not commonly found in the garage of the average do-it-yourself mechanic.  While these automotive tools are not rare or hard to obtain, most people have either not had the need for them Read more about 11 Uncommon Automotive Tools Required for an EV Conversion[…]

Tesla Concept Electric Truck Model U

Tesla Truck Concept Model U Expanding EVs

  A recent article in truck trend caught my attention, one that addressed that Tesla motors are in the concept phase of creating a pickup truck.  The information in the article is more broad strokes instead of detailed specifications at this point.  GMC, Dodge, and Ford have long been able to ride most economic uncertainty with Read more about Tesla Truck Concept Model U Expanding EVs[…]