Should I Buy A Used Electric Car

Should I buy a used electric car


Buying a new car might not be affordable for all people.  There are some people who would prefer to buy a car used in order to get the vehicle at a lower price.  With this in mind, I have been asked in a roundabout way: should I buy a used electric car?  The question that should be asked is whether or not it is foolish to buy a secondhand electric car.  I usually phrase questions that lean toward a direction, especially when it has a negative feel.


Finding a car that works for you, electric or gas needs to be at the right price point for you and meet all your driving needs.  If this means that buying a used electric car is the only way for you to get into an electric car, then great. The main reason to choose an electric car is to remove the reliance on fossil fuels.  The good news is that, nowadays, there are more used electric cars available on the market.


Just like gasoline cars, there are owners out there who keep their vehicles for a few years and sell them for a newer model.  Much of the time there is nothing wrong with the vehicle, but a newer version may be available.  This is typically fed by keeping up the appearance of having the latest and greatest.  One of the strategies used by automotive companies is to alter the body styling every few years so it is clear that there is a difference from year to year, in order to play on this desire to have the latest model.

Used Tesla Model S

Is It Okay To Get A Second Hand Electric Car?

Tesla has done a great job of using the strategies of other automotive companies when it comes to the Tesla Model S.  If you didn’t know already, there are other identification numbers on the Model S which indicate the battery size.

The initial Model S had a 40 kWh battery capacity, which has been steadily increased to include 60, 70, 75, 85, 90, and 100.  To add to this, there are also variants from the standard rear-wheel drive version to include P before the battery capacity as well as D after for all-wheel-drive versions.  Both the P and D are not mutually exclusive, for example, there are P100D and 100D versions.


There is nothing wrong with older models, and the only limiting factor would be the battery capacity.  Just like any type of used car shopping, you should not expect to get the latest and greatest technology. In the grand scheme of things, finding a Model S P75D at a price that works for you would be a good alternative to buying a new P100D, if the purchase price is too much.


How Is The Battery Life?

This is a concern that I have heard a fair amount.  You may already be aware that battery capacities reduce over time.  This is one of the reasons that there are warranties on electric car batteries.  One of the other reasons has to do with the cost of replacing a battery pack as it can be in the neighborhood of 20 percent of the initial vehicle cost.  

To prove to car owners that this is not an expense they need to worry about, there are long battery warranties available.  Eight years is a standard warranty that OEMs currently have for electric cars.


BMW i8 Taillight

How Much Battery Capacity Can I Expect To Lose?

Let’s use the same Tesla Model S P75D as an example.  There are estimates that show 5% of the total battery capacity can be lost at the 30,000 miles mark or 50,000 kilometers.  The battery capacity loss seems to level off after the 5% loss from 30,000 miles all the way to 60,000 miles according to data.  For the P75D version of the Model S, this would mean that after a few years the new battery capacity would be around 71 kWh.  This also means that the estimated range of 300 miles or 490 km would now be 285 miles or 465 km with the reduced battery capacity.

As a second owner of an electric vehicle, you may not notice a difference at all from the time you start driving it.  The original owner would the one that would see the difference in range over this period of time.


If you are not able to purchase a new vehicle getting a used electric car is a great option.  No matter how you get into an electric car you are joining the electric revolution.  Even by purchasing a used electric car you are still indirectly showing to the automotive industry that this is what I want in a car for the future.  In the end, their bottom line is always where auto companies are concerned with and this tells them what the future will be.


If you looking to buy a used electric car you should check out this auto reselling site Web2Carz and make sure you check out how to check vehicle history.


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