December 16, 2016


EV Innovate Resources and Tools


I have put together a list of recommended resources and tools for electric car conversion.


I will add to these lists constantly as I come across new and useful resources and tools.

EV Conversion Resources


Tesla Motors: How Elon Musk and Company Made Electric Cars Cool, and Sparked the Next Tech Revolution

Let’s Talk About Electric Cars: 8 Most Inspiring Interviews

If you are new to electric vehicles or unsure if an electric vehicle conversion is right for you then I recommend Let’s Talk About Electric Cars: 8 Most Inspiring Interviews.  The book covers everything from new electric cars, electric car conversions and bracket racing with the National Electric Drag Racing Association.



Who Killed the Electric Car

Revenge of the Electric Car


EV Conversion Tools


Torque Wrench 1/2″

10-150 ft-lbs (13.6-203.5 N-m)