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Vehicle Fuel Tracker


Track the fuel economy of your vehicle, keep a record through time to track how fuel efficient your vehicle is, all on one form.

  • Description

The Vehicle Fuel Tracker is a printable form to keep track of the fuel economy for a vehicle.  This includes the basic information of make, model, and year at the top.

The Odometer Record is where the vehicle’s mileage is recorded along with the amount of fuel required to top up the fuel tank.  The imperial and metric fuel economy are listed above the fuel mileage column for a quick reference.  

The first line of the fuel tracker is used as an example for each metric and imperial sample fuel usage calculation.  The formula to determine the fuel economy of your vehicle is included as quick reference above the record section of the fuel tracker.

This form is made for the minimalist in mind, with large area for filling out the record. There are no dates, or vehicle information filled out to make this printable when needed.

Lifetime updates

This document includes complimentary lifetime updates, so you will always have the latest version.

After you place your order, you will be sent an email with a link to download the document. It may go to your junk mail so please check carefully!


  • Due to the virtual and downloadable nature of our products we cannot offer refunds.

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