Gift Ideas for EV Owners

gift ideas for ev owners


Finding the right gift for your special someone can be a hard task. What makes it hard is that if they want it, they most likely have already gone out and bought it for themselves. That is the reason I have put together a short list of gift ideas for electric vehicle owners. These gift ideas range from small stocking stuffers to a weekend experience not to be forgotten.


Gifts for EV Owners

Key fob cover

Let the Tesla driver in your life know you care with a key fob cover to protect and add an extra bit of style. There are two different fob covers one for the Model S and the other for Model X. It might seem like a small feature but it adds a little bit more personalization to show off.

Model S

Model X


EV charging parking notice card

Have you ever pulled up to an electric vehicle charging station only to find someone parked there and not charging? What is worse is when there is an ICE, or gas powered car, blocking you from charging your electric car. This is what the EV charging parking notice card is intended to do, let the driver know what they are doing. Let your EV friend have the ability to teach other drivers of there misdeeds for the next time. This keeps things civilized and discrete, yet letting them know of their displeasure.


EV parking for charging only sign

One of the ways that a proud electric vehicle owner can show which parking spot is theirs is by using a sign. To be honest it is a must to signify other drivers like visitors that your electric vehicle needs to be parked here in order to be charged. It could be that you have planned out the parking spot in your garage where the EVSE, electric vehicle service equipment can reach. This also can apply to wireless charging systems that might not be obvious to a visitor. The value of a sign like this is immeasurable when you have a shared parking lot in an apartment or condo building.


DIY Gag Gift Cards

A gag gift card is a great idea for those who have a good sense of humor. You might be wondering what a gag gift card would be for an electric vehicle owner? For owners of a full battery electric vehicle giving them a gift card for a free oil change or free gas. This way they cannot redeem these as they do not apply to them anymore. There a couple of variants that can be used with these gags, free for life, free for a year, or just your next visit. You could try to make your own version and have a laugh over the card or you can try to get a bigger reaction out of them by thinking its real as long as possible. This would make a great stocking stuffer in an attempt to remove yourself as the clear gift giver.


Esso gas gag gift card


Waterless car wash

There are a couple things you already know about the person when they drive an electric vehicle. One of the common thread amongst EV owners is a concern about the environment. Air pollution is a major concern in the entire world, second to clean drinkable water. If you have ever washed a car, you will notice the amount of water that is required to go through the entire process. This is the conventional method of wetting the car, filling up a bucket with soaping water, washing the car, then rinsing off the soap with water.

There are a couple other methods that can significantly reduce or remove water from a wash. The minimal use of water requires very specific car wash soap that does not need to rinse off, which eliminates the rinsing steps. The removal of water from a wash sounds a little odd, but that’s what it is a waterless car wash. This is the type of wash used at car shows, if you ever wondered how they got that showroom finish, this is it.

Charged: Electric Vehicle Mission Based Board Game

I couldn’t find any board game on the market that specifically uses electric vehicles or is centered around them.  So I have taken this into my own hands and created an electric vehicle mission-based adventure and strategy board game called Charged.  It is not for sale at this point, though there will be a Kickstarter project to get this off the ground.  If you want to be the first to know when the Kickstarter project is live.

Be one of the first to back this board game and sign up now to be informed.



Join the growing Charged pre-launch for Kickstarter


Gifts for the EV

Electric badge

There are some electric vehicles on the road today that share the same badging as other gasoline powered vehicles. There are minor differences in the badging like an ‘E’ or a green leaf to signify the vehicle is environmentally friendly. One of the problems is that most people might not even notice this small difference.

An electric badge can clarify that this is an electric vehicle. Issues have happened at charging stations between electric vehicle owners when one was not aware that the other is driving an electric vehicle as well. Make it clear to others what you stand for.


Tesla door emblem

Tesla electric vehicles have a light under the door that turns on when you open the door. Many people don’t know that you can change these door lights with a colored Tesla emblem to project to the ground at night. It adds a little bit more personality to your Tesla and the driver.


Gifts for the Home

Nest thermostat

Not specifically related to being an electric vehicle owner, though it is part of a smart home integration. Nest has a range of products which start with their smart thermostat that learns your routine and is controlled by other devices like your phone or Alexa.


Nest Protect monoxide and smoke detector

One of Nest’s newer products is a smart monoxide and smoke detector to integrate with your smart home system. Get notified on your phone when there is an issue at your home no matter where you are.


Ring doorbell

See who is at your door before you open it, no matter if you are busy and not ready to open the door or not even in the same city. The Ring doorbell is able to be integrated with your Alexa and smart home. A great feature that Ring has is a short video recording that is motion activated so you can easily see what a normal day looks like when you are away. A great way to know when the kids are home from school, or where all your flowers keep going.




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