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Electric Car Selection Guide

Close Enough Works in Horseshoes... but not Electric Cars!

Do you want to select an electric car because it is close enough to what you are looking for?

Not sure which electric vehicle will fit your requirements?  There is an electric vehicle out there that will suit your needs.  I have put together a selection guide to help focus in on what you are looking for and compare the results to what is available.


Find the Right Type of Electric Vehicle

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    Learn about the aspects of your electric vehicle requirements that will need to be decided .
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    Simple, fill-in-the-blanks, form that you can use to ensure your electric vehicle will meet your driving requirements.
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    Compare your vehicle requirements to the existing electric vehicles on the market on a easy to digest graph.
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    Plus keep up to date on all the current articles for electric vehicles.

Check out this EV Selection Guide to help find the right electric vehicle that suits your needs!

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