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Solar Powered Car Generation for DIY EV Conversion
 Can I use solar panels on my electric vehicle to generate power when I drive or parked?  This is a[...]
Lithium Ion Battery Types for Electric Vehicles
Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are frequently used in consumer products, including electric vehicles.  There are many types of lithium batteries[...]
Carbon Footprint Analysis: Buy new versus Convert to an Electric Vehicle
  There have been many questions about the environmental aspect of a new electric vehicle versus an electric vehicle conversion from gasoline.  To[...]
11 EV Conversion Goals to Set Before You Make Your Own Car
Read in Goals To Determine Before Your EV Conversion Some goals need to be defined before starting your diy electric[...]
Electric Vehicle Conversion Transmission Analysis and Selection
Overview of all transmissions for EV conversions  Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions? One of the most asked question when talking[...]
DC Motor Controller Operation Explained
Read in DC Motor Controller Explained The DC motor controller function is simple: to control the motor.  If you are[...]

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Electric Semi Truck Overview
Electric Semi Truck Overview Digging into Electric Semi Truck Specifications   There is a charge in the air, in particular[...]
Non-Electric Cars After European Gas Ban
What will happen to non-electric cars after they are banned from Europe?   Many countries have plans to ban the[...]
What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?
  A hybrid electric vehicle, in short, is an electric vehicle that still uses gasoline, or another source of power,[...]
What Is An Electric Vehicle?
What is an Electric Vehicle?   What makes an electric vehicle so different than any other vehicle?   This might[...]
DIY Solar Panels For Homes
DIY Solar Panels For Homes Why DIY Solar Panels?   One of the biggest reasons to start using solar panels[...]
Removable Electric Car Smart Egg-Shaped Cell Batteries
  The concept of a removable battery for an electric car is not a new idea, but it is one[...]
7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car
  There are seven ways that you can charge your electric vehicle, but they boil down to three main categories:[...]
Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette
  Charging an electric vehicle has more importance when compared to fueling up a gasoline vehicle.  With more electric vehicles[...]

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