The 5-Day EV Buyer's
Crash Course and eBook

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Get Essential Electric Car Training

Are you intrigued with electric cars but really don't know that much about them?  Not sure where to start when looking at all the electric vehicles that are available?  Want to be knowledgeable before going to the car dealership?  ​

The good news is, this Crash Course eBook provides the essential training for anyone to learn about electric vehicles.  To help with getting through the ebook I have put together a companion 5-day eCourse.  This companion Crash Course is email based and will be delivered over the next 5 days, starting immediately after signup.

Download the eBook and gain access to the 5-Day Crash Course now to receive your electric vehicle essential training.

Get the EV Buyer's
Crash Course & eBook Now

What to Expect

The 5-day Electric Vehicle crash course is a email based course, as named, over 5 consecutive days starting the day your sign up.

The eBook is the combination of all the content that is the email course.

Lifetime updates are included for the eBook, so you will always have the latest version.

What are the Contents of the Course / eBook?

  • Introduction to Electric Vehicles
  • Types of Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Versus Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • check
    Electric Vehicle Charging Options
  • check
    Associated Electric Vehicle Costs