DIY Solar Panels For Homes


DIY Solar Panels For Homes

Why DIY Solar Panels?


One of the biggest reasons to start using solar panels is control over your own energy.  The ability to generate your own energy can be one of the most freeing things you can do as a homeowner.


How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels collect radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity.  This known as a PV, or photovoltaic solar panel.  A solar panel is made of these PV cells which are connected together to provide the voltage you need in your home.


What Makes Solar Power Important?


Why should I control my own energy?  You might have heard the old adage that knowledge is power, which is true, but also the ability to be self-reliant is another source of power.  In this case, being able to generate your own electricity using solar panels gives you the ability to be in control.  


If you haven’t been through an electrical emergency then the loss of control might be foreign to you; however, this might weigh heavy on your mind.  During storms, power lines can be knocked down and this would instantly stop the flow of electricity to your home.  It is at these times when you are reminded of how much you rely on power.  For example:

  • Lights
  • Water pumps with electric motors
  • Ability to cook, depending on the power source for the oven and stove top
  • Heat, or air conditioning, depending on the time of year


Solar power is a renewable energy source, meaning the power can be continuously generated without the need for a consumable power source like coal, nuclear, or fossil fuels.  




Reasons To Go With Solar


One of the biggest reasons to generate your own electricity is to be self-reliant.  When you rely on the electric company to correct the connection to your house in an emergency, you are heavily dependant on them.  


Along with this is the cost of electricity, meaning you have to accept whatever the power company chooses to charge.  When you create your own energy, you will see a decrease in your energy costs. Most people do not realize that there are demand cycles affecting the price of energy.  The highest demand cycle is during the day, from approximately 7 am to 6 pm, basically normal working hours.  This happens to coincide with daylight hours.  When you are at work you could generate electricity that is worth more at home.  This is how you can slash your energy bill over the course of a billing cycle.  The high demand energy price can be double that of the evening and nighttime pricing and changes based on your energy supplier.


On the other side of electric generation is the fact that a lot of power generation in America uses coal.  It is unfortunate since a lot of pollution is created from this source of power.  You do not control how the power is generated even if you start a petition for the use of a greener alternative.  


This is where having your own solar panel generation system comes in.  When you generate your own power you are truly in control.  You start to realize how much freedom you can enjoy without worrying what could happen in an emergency.  You might have noticed that there are more and more natural disasters every year, and they seem to be getting worse and more frequent.  Some are even venturing into regions that are not typically labeled as disaster zones.



Purchase An Installed Solar System or DIY Home Solar?

If you have read this far, you probably know that I am in the do-it-yourself camp.  Getting a complete solar system installed is an easier solution.  As with most things in life, there is usually a catch, in this case, it is the cost.  A typical installation can run around $20,000 which mostly consists of the actual installation.  Paying a crew to do the installation is a costly endeavor.  Personally, I do not like to pay for things that I can do myself.  Most people would not pay someone to put up Christmas lights or clean their gutters.  


The idea of doing it yourself is not just to save on costs, and let’s not understate the importance of cost, but the other part is learning something new.  A skill that can be replicated by yourself without needing someone else to do the work for you.  


Learn how to DIY your own solar panels for your home energy system.


Do Solar Panels Produce Enough Power?


Solar panels produce enough power for most home systems.  It all depends on how many you have, and this will determine the amount of total power produced.  If you have a limited amount of space available for solar panels, there is more that can be done to your energy system.  The addition of a wind turbine can reduce the reliance on an energy supplier even further.  




A wind turbine is another renewable source of energy generation.  Just like the solar panels, the total cost can be reduced when you do it yourself as knowledge is power.   Just think about it, now your home power generation can mimic the demand billing cycle that your energy supplier uses to charge you.  During the day you can be generating solar and wind energy when everyone is up and are using appliances.  In the evening and during the night you can generate wind energy to keep your home comfortably warm, whether it is hot or cold outside.


The combination of diy solar and wind power generation is the complete package for your system.


Learn how to create your own solar panels and wind turbines with a complete home energy system.  Investing into learning more about a DIY home solar system can be the smarted investment you can make.  Not only would you be taking a step closer to producing your own solar power, but you would also increasing your own self-reliance with advanced knowledge.

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