Electric Semi Truck Overview

Electric Semi Truck Overview Digging into Electric Semi Truck Specifications   There is a charge in the air, in particular with regards to the trucking industry.  There has been a tremendous amount of interest in electric semi trucks to replace the diesel versions.  There are newcomers and veteran companies starting to battle for the top Read more about Electric Semi Truck Overview[…]


Non-Electric Cars After European Gas Ban

What will happen to non-electric cars after they are banned from Europe?   Many countries have plans to ban the sale of gasoline vehicles, most notable are European countries.  They have stated that by 2040 a ban on gasoline vehicles will take effect.  France will lead the gasoline ban to take place in 2040 (see Read more about Non-Electric Cars After European Gas Ban[…]


What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?

  A hybrid electric vehicle, in short, is an electric vehicle that still uses gasoline, or another source of power, for the generation or to drive the vehicle.  The reason for hybrid vehicles is to extend the vehicle further than a battery electric vehicle.     Hybrids have been produced over the last couple of Read more about What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?[…]


What Is An Electric Vehicle?

What is an Electric Vehicle?   What makes an electric vehicle so different than any other vehicle?   This might seem very basic for some people, but it needs to be addressed so that we are starting at the same point.  Before I go far into what is an electric vehicle we need to establish Read more about What Is An Electric Vehicle?[…]


7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car

  There are seven ways that you can charge your electric vehicle, but they boil down to three main categories: home installation, public installation, and solar charging.  You can also use multiple methods to charge your electric vehicle, even within the same charging cycle.   Charge An Electric Car At Home   The most common Read more about 7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car[…]

Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette

  Charging an electric vehicle has more importance when compared to fueling up a gasoline vehicle.  With more electric vehicles being sold every year, the ratio of electric cars to charging stations is getting progressively worse.  Another issue is the acknowledgment from other drivers that an electric vehicle charging spot is dedicated for charging only. Read more about Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette[…]


Types of New Electric Cars

Types of Electric Vehicles     There are a few types of electric vehicles currently available on the market.  An electric vehicle is propelled by an electric motor, either full-time or on a part-time basis.  As you can imagine there are varying degrees of environmental impact as some electric vehicles still rely on fossil fuels Read more about Types of New Electric Cars[…]


Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety – Does It Exist?

Does range anxiety really exist? This appears to be one of the most frequently asked questions.  How far can an electric car drive?  How accurate is the battery gauge?  Will I be left at the side of the road with an empty battery?  To provide a quick answer, yes range anxiety does exist.  Currently, electric Read more about Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety – Does It Exist?[…]


Lithium Ion Battery Types for Electric Vehicles

Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are frequently used in consumer products, including electric vehicles.  There are many types of lithium batteries that have been developed over the past few decades, and I want to take a look at their current uses, types of lithium batteries, and how they compare to each other.  I also want to Read more about Lithium Ion Battery Types for Electric Vehicles[…]

Electric Vehicle Charging Levels

There are two official charging levels for electric vehicles: level 1 and 2.  These charging levels are designated by SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, which applies to North America but can also be adopted worldwide.  In particular, SAE J1772 covers the conductive charge coupler for electric vehicles.       Why should I comply Read more about Electric Vehicle Charging Levels[…]