Electric Car Conversion’s Electric Accessories

  One of the often things overlooked in an electric car conversion are the accessories.  Sometimes these are called creature comforts since they include air conditioning, cabin heater, power steering, and brake assist.  Most people would think you’re crazy to go without these features nowadays, but it is an option for you to have in Read more about Electric Car Conversion’s Electric Accessories[…]

Best EV Charging Station on a Budget

Best Home EV Charger Budget

  There are many options for a home EV charging station that is available within a wide range of purchase prices.  Some level 2 chargers at a higher price point include wifi accessibility, though this is not needed for the performance of your electric car.  Knowing this information,  I asked myself: what is the best budget-friendly Read more about Best Home EV Charger Budget[…]


Portable EV Charger 120V and 240V

  Charging an electric vehicle is one of the biggest issues when you leave home, especially for a longer journey.  The charging infrastructure is growing and coverage will continue to expand.   One of the easiest ways to find a place to charge is to use existing residential plugs. Charging an electric vehicle using a Read more about Portable EV Charger 120V and 240V[…]


Electric Semi Truck Overview

Electric Semi Truck Overview Digging into Electric Semi Truck Specifications   There is a charge in the air, in particular with regards to the trucking industry.  There has been a tremendous amount of interest in electric semi trucks to replace the diesel versions.  There are newcomers and veteran companies starting to battle for the top Read more about Electric Semi Truck Overview[…]