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Who am I?

My name is Shawn McCoy. I have had an interest in automobiles since I was young, however, it wasn’t until I was gifted a broken down Suzuki Samurai from my grandfather that I gained my first hands on experience repairing a vehicle. The car had not seen the road for many years, in fact it was not even running.  

This was one of my first automotive experiences troubleshooting a problem and coming up with a solution and became a building block that propelled me into mechanical engineering. My other interest was computer programming. While these may seem like two different pursuits, they lead me through mechanical and electrical control solutions that I do not believe would have been possible without exposure to both.


What is EV Innovate all about?

EV Innovate is here to provide information on buying an electric car, converting your own electric car, creating your own green energy, and electric vehicle innovations.

The goal is to provide the best information to help convert vehicles to electric power from gasoline or diesel. In order to provide the best information possible, I will include honest product reviews, detailed component information, and how to guides for buying, preparation, and budgeting before starting.

Why EV Innovate?

I have been inspired by many innovations in the automotive industry but have not seen nearly enough in the electric vehicle sub-market, especially in the electric car conversion space. I recognize that there will be pressure to create and innovate electric vehicles further in the next decade.

Electrification does not need to stop at just cars, it can be expanded to all transportation vehicles. This is the reason behind EV Innovate, to provide innovations on all electric vehicles.

  • Why electric cars

There are more gasoline powered vehicles on the road compared to electric vehicles. To me it is cleaner to convert your vehicle to electric power compared to buying a new electric vehicle.

One of the issues that electric cars have had in the last decade has been futuristic styling. This could be a shot at consumers in an effort to try and prove that they do not actually want electric vehicles. This is shown when electric vehicle auto sales do not meet manufacturer expectations. However, this issue has been slowly fading since Tesla Motors hit the automotive industry with their Roadster.

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