5 Reasons Why Electric Cars Will Take Over the Future

Electric cars may seem few and uncommon when you consider your daily commute. But despite what you’re seeing on the roads around you, studies show that there is a broader acceptance of electric vehicles worldwide. If you’re still skeptical, here are five reasons why electric cars will take over the future.

People Are Purchasing More Electric Cars  

According to a 2017 report from the International Energy Agency, there are over 2 million electric vehicles on the roads today. The sale of electric cars has risen of late— despite the availability of cheap gas. Other studies have suggested the push for alternative energy sources has also increased the demand for electric vehicles worldwide.

Electric Cars Have an Extended Range

Modern electric cars nowadays have an extended range such as the Chevrolet Bolt which has its mileage increased from 115 to 187. Tesla Model X and S have influenced the design of electric cars worldwide because of the high-quality batteries installed in them. The new design has increased customer confidence in electric vehicles worldwide as the globe is being geared towards embracing alternative energy sources.

Charging Technology Is Advancing

Charging of electric cars used to be a headache for many people, but charging technology and infrastructure has improved. Gas stations around the United States and other developed countries now have facilities for electric cars. It has made electric vehicles more convenient as no one needs to worry about charging their vehicle if the battery goes down.

The government is also working to promote charging technology and infrastructure around the country to enhance alternative energy sources and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels—which negatively impacts the environment. Electric cars are also preferred because they are produce less pollution compared to fuel-driven vehicles.

Engineers Improved the Battery Design

The electric car battery was a headache for many manufacturers. However, engineers dedicated their time to come up with a battery design that will last for a long time and can store enough energy to drive electric cars.

Electric Cars Are Affordable

Electric cars are cheap to run and maintain compared to fuel cars. Electricity is more readily available and affordable compared to fossil fuel. Although many mechanics lack specialized training with electric vehicles, the repair of many electric car components is similar to fuel cars.

The Bottom Line

The global quest for alternative energy sources has made the development and eventual launch of the electric car into a success story. In fact, according to Cascade Collision, “all automobile trends seem to be pointing toward electric cars. The technology has been around for a while now, and it continues to improve and evolve.”  As we look toward the future, one thing is for certain—you can expect to see a dramatic increase in the number of electric vehicles hitting the roads in the years to come.

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