5 Emerging Tech To Transform Transportation

Transportation of people, goods, and services to different locations has fairly remained the same for a while now. However, recent times have witnessed drastic changes in technology and other innovative measures that will transform transportation. Below is a list of emerging technologies that will have a significant impact on the way people and goods are transported.

1. Autonomous Vehicles

This is an innovation that sees the production of vehicles which can sense their surrounding and maneuver without human input. The emerging technology is focused on hands, and feet,-free vehicles which will increase mobility and reduce traffic congestion that characterizes every major city around the world. Some of these designs are already on the market such as General Motor’s “Super Cruise” and Tesla’s “Autopilot.”

2. Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicle is an emerging trend that is focused on producing cars with software that can receive and deliver essential updates. The software will help the vehicle to detect traffic on roads while at the same time connecting the passengers with the internet. This trend is focused on reducing congestion in streets, reducing fatalities, and enhancing tools that will predict maintenance of the car.

3. Electric Vehicles

This is an innovation that is taking the world by storm. The trend sees the manufacture of vehicles that will be powered by an electric engine rather than the traditional petrol or diesel powered engines. Technology has recently developed improved energy storage capabilities so that these electric batteries will be able to travel just as far as the traditional engines while producing zero to near-zero emissions. Vehicle owners have the option of buying an electric powered car or replacing their existing fuel engine with an electric engine that is fitted with an improved energy storage cell.

4. Unmanned Aircraft System

This a technology that has seen the development and manufacture of remote-controlled aircraft that are used to perform various functions. This technology is changing the transportation of goods as drones have been used to deliver medical supplies in various areas. Emerging reports in the business industry indicate that Amazon, an E-commerce retail outlet, is looking forward to using drones for parcel delivery.

5. Mobile Apps for Taxis

This is an emerging technology that is spreading in big cities around the world. Individuals are downloading mobile applications such as Uber or Taxify that are helping them to see and contact the nearest taxi near them. This innovation is helping passengers to pay less because they are charged on distance and time in the cab while taxi owners get to find passengers easily.

Some of the innovations highlighted above have had an impact on today’s transportation of people, goods, and services while others will be transforming the industry soon. The fact is that technology is changing the transportation industry by increasing efficiency and safety, and cutting cost.


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