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Electric Vehicle Charging Levels
There are two official charging levels for electric vehicles: level 1 and 2.  These charging levels are designated by SAE,[...]
Tesla Truck Concept Model U Expanding EVs
  A recent article in truck trend caught my attention, one that addressed that Tesla motors are in the concept phase[...]
Formula E Racing Drives Electric Vehicle Innovations
  Formula E Racing Drives Electric Vehicle Innovations Read in If you have not heard of Formula E racing then[...]
Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles
Read in   Wireless EV Charging One of the pains of electric vehicles now is the need to plug in[...]

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7 Ways to Charge an Electric Car
  There are seven ways that you can charge your electric vehicle, but they boil down to three main categories:[...]
Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette
  Charging an electric vehicle has more importance when compared to fueling up a gasoline vehicle.  With more electric vehicles[...]
Types of New Electric Cars
Types of Electric Vehicles     There are a few types of electric vehicles currently available on the market.  An[...]
11 Uncommon Automotive Tools Required for an EV Conversion
 I have put together a short list of tools that are required for an electric vehicle conversion.  These tools are[...]
Solar Powered Car Generation for DIY EV Conversion
 Can I use solar panels on my electric vehicle to generate power when I drive or parked?  This is a[...]
Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety – Does It Exist?
Does range anxiety really exist? This appears to be one of the most frequently asked questions.  How far can an[...]
Lithium Ion Battery Types for Electric Vehicles
Lithium and lithium-ion batteries are frequently used in consumer products, including electric vehicles.  There are many types of lithium batteries[...]
Carbon Footprint Analysis: Buy new versus Convert to an Electric Vehicle
  There have been many questions about the environmental aspect of a new electric vehicle versus an electric vehicle conversion from gasoline.  To[...]

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